Show all SCCM collection members

This function is just a standard function to gather the collection members for the specified collection and return this in the output. The output can be used for further functionality or just to show which and how many members there are within the collection. The Full parameter just selects all fields from the Site Server […]

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Display a Maintenance Window for an SCCM Collection

This function is based on the original code from Nickolaj Andersen that you can find here GitHub Get-MaintenanceWindows.ps1 however I have modified this to allow for Verbose output and to specify the day, month and year for which you want to determine the Maintenance Window. In addition since I work a lot with non-recurring Maintenance […]

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Function to create and set a Maintenance Window on a specified SCCM Collection

This function creates a new Service Window/Maintenance Window for a Configuration Manager collection all using WMI but does require the other previously posted functions in order to perform as expected. This prevents the need to use the other functions separately to create the Maintenance Window and performs a verification once the Maintenance Window has been […]

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Create a Schedule Token for usage within SCCM

A PowerShell function that creates a recurring or non-recurring schedule token for usage within Configuration Manager. The output of this function is needed for the New-SMSServiceWindow function I have also posted but this function also relies on the function Convert-NormalDateToConfigMgrDate in order to create a usable schedule token. In short if you want to create […]

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SCCM FolderID and PowerShell provides great output

Show SCCM Collections below specified Folder ID

This function allows you to gather the collections that you have created below the specified FolderID (you can use the Get-SCCMFolderDetail function I also shared to gather the ID of the Folder name). You can either return a small amount of information or as much detail as possible which allows you to use that detail […]

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SCCM FolderDetail and PowerShell

PowerShell Gather SCCM Folder Detail

This function allows you to gather the folder details using WMI from the specified System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) site server. The returned information includes the container node ID which in term can be used to for example gather all collections located below that folder. NOTE: By including the SYNOPSIS and other information you can […]

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Patch Tuesday with PowerShell

Determine Patch Tuesday Date with PowerShell

A PowerShell function to determine Patch Tuesday based on the many examples you find on the internet but changed to support the month and year parameters you can supply the -Verbose parameter for Verbose output however in this specific function that output is quite limited. I use this function combined with others to define the […]

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